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    Club Membership

Becoming a member at Indian Valley Golf Club has never been easier. With four membership types to choose from, there are more reasons to join this year than ever before. We offer the Unlimited Single, Limited Single, The Unlimited Family and The Limited Family. A membership for everyone. Whether you are an individual or a family we have just the right golf membership for you. Please call today to find out more details.


Enjoy These Benefits as a Member of Indian Valley Golf Club

  • Unlimited Golf
  • Discounted Carts
  • Social Events
  • Charging Privileges
  • Driving Range Discounts
  • Eligible for Regular Membership in the Men’s & Ladies' Clubs

Unlimited Single

Seven Days a Week Membership for one Golfer

Initiation Fees

Monthly Dues

Limited Single

Monday-Friday Membership for One Golfer
Not Valid on Holidays

Initiation Fees

Monthly Dues

Unlimited Family

Seven Days a Week Membership for a Family

Initiation Fees

Monthly Dues

Maximum of 2 players before twilight on Weekends & Holidays

Limited Family

Monday-Friday Membership for a Family
Not Valid on Holidays

Initiation Fees

Monthly Dues

Pay for 11 months up front & get the 12th for free

Not A Member Yet? Apply Today!

Summary of membership policies

  1. Membership play is subject to the availability of the course and holds no guarantee that desired times will be available.
  2. Memberships are not valid for out-of-club tournaments.
  3. Memberships go into effect as soon as payment is received and are based on a one year commitment.
  4. Limited memberships are valid for play Monday through Friday excluding Holidays.
  5. No more than two members of an unlimited family membership may play before twilight on Weekends and Holidays.
  6. All dependents on a family membership must be under 21 and reside in the same residence.
  7. Grandchildren are not eligible to play on a family membership
  8. Indian Valley makes no guarantees concerning course playability or condition.
  9. Once your dues are paid and accepted by the club you will receive a membership certificate. This certificate, and this certificate only, contains the right to membership. No other document will be accepted by the club as a right to membership.
  10. Membership certificates are non-transferable.
  11. A certificate holder has no guaranty that membership will be renewed until or unless the membership fees are paid and accepted by the golf club.
  12. A certificate holder has no special rights to return as a member once his/her membership has lapsed or is terminated. He/she must go on the waiting list and will be subject to any fees that are charged at that time.
  13. There is no guarantee that a member will be allowed to switch membership type in future years.
  14. Membership certificates hold no monetary value and will remain valid until certificate holder provides notice that membership is no longer desired or until terminated by the club for failure to pay dues or violating any rules or regulations.
  15. Members at all times shall abide by all club rules and take proper care of the facilities. Failure to do so may result in termination of membership.
  16. Membership is also subject to the rules stated on the membership program list and other written statements.
  17. The Management and Board of Directors of Indian Valley Golf Club, Inc. retain the right to make amendments or revisions to any Membership Rule or Condition.
  18. Members have the right to make tee times one week in advance of the general public.
  19. Members have the right to join the Men’s or Ladies’ Club and enjoy the benefits of those clubs.
  20. Initiation Fees are non-refundable and may not be sold or transferred to any other person. Once paid, they hold no value and no interest in the club.
  21. The Initiation Fee will be forfeited and need to be paid again if the Member terminates his/her membership and then later decides to rejoin.
  22. Limited Memberships are not valid for holiday play.